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Almost half of all adults snore when they sleep. For some, this is just an occasional occurrence that at most will lightly annoy a sleeping partner, but for others, snoring is a chronic problem that not only disrupts sleep for those around the snorer, it also can wake up that person doing the snoring. It may even be the result of a troubling medical condition that makes it difficult to breathe when lying down.

The Pillar Procedure may be just the solution to reclaiming the night and enjoying the feeling of energy and being well rested during the day. If the tissues along the airway have weak muscle tone, they will sag and obstruct the airway during sleep. This cause of often very loud snoring is referred to as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The severity of OSA can vary and the consequences can be very insidious. Many sleep apnea sufferers who are not adequately breathing while sleep will often wake up feeling fine, but will have suffered from reduced oxygen. The Pillar Procedure can strengthen the roof of the mouth so that it does not sag into the path of the airway when sleeping. Watch the video to learn more about this simple yet effective stop-snoring procedure.

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